Relocation &
Intercultural Coaching

Moving to another city is bad enough but to another country where I don’t speak the language? What a pain…

Which areas are good? Which school do we need? How to get around? What about this complicated German welfare system and above all…

"Who are these Tschörmanns?!"

I know the place like the palm of my hand and the pitfalls German society and culture can provide to immigrants.

Let me help you getting rid of all your concerns and securely navigate your move to beautiful Düsseldorf. 

For all formal aspects of your immigration to Germany I highly recommend the services of Progedo Relocation.


Anne delivers an outstanding service and I was personally very impressed by the quality of the overall experience moving in, finding accommodation and also getting general information about the city. It took me very little time to find the right place, as Anne understood my needs very well and very quickly. Anne made settling in very easy by also showing the city and best places to go or visit. I moved several times since to other countries and never found a similar quality anywhere else.
Yan Bechet

WhatsApp: 01637960577



  • Degree in Cultural studies
  • Official teacher of German as a second language in integration and professional language courses of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)
  • Liscensed tour guide (2009)
  • Train the trainer (2020/2021)
  • High degree of intercultural awareness
  • 10 years of experience as a relocation consultant
  • Excellent knowledge of needs and structure of the international community in Düsseldorf


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Anne Hahn


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