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Düsseldorf and region

Since 2009, I have had the pleasure of meeting amazing travellers from all around the globe and presenting one of the most fascinating and diverse cities of Europe: Düsseldorf.


I know a plethora of exciting stories and places and own a 6th sense for what you, my guests, truly want to discover and experience.


Come with me on a tour and let me prove that Duesseldorf has it all:

Metropolis vibe and small town feeling, cutting-edge art and century-old traditions. Düsseldorf is fancy and shabby, Techno and Punk.



Have a look at the tours below or ask for your very own personal Düsseldorf experience based on what you want to see.


I’d love to take you around! 


Düsseldorf's DNA - 
History, Culture and... Food!

The highlights tour through Düsseldorf. I select Düsseldorf’s very best from culture, lifestyle, history and food depending on your timing and means of movement – whether we walk, bike, drive or are being driven. Preferably with enough time for a culinary stop. 

Legendary Altstadt - so much more than *only* Alt-beer

How the fishing village on the Düssel became the legendary „longest bar in the world“ and what exciting, dramatic and curious events happened along the way, you will learn here. Of course, a beer in one of the home breweries should not be missed.

Düsseldorf and it's waters - Medienhafen & Co

The tour with start and/or end in our  Medienhafen, the Mecca for architecture fans and home of the Gehry towers with a rich history. Who and what came across the Rhine into the village on the Düssel, that and much more can be experienced on this tour.

Glamorous Düsseldorf - In and around Königsallee

Ever since the first open-air fashion show was held on Königsallee in 1949, glitz and glamor have been an integral part of the city. 3 superior-class hotels, top international designers and an old moat provide plenty of material for great stories.

Guided Tours in easy language - German or English

The ideal guide for student exchange, language classes or new arrivals with limited language skills. Available in simple German or English. Local facts are linked with general information about Germany and these strange Tschörmans.

The Maid of the Medici - COMING SOON

As soon as the costume is sewn up, the Medici’s raunchy maid will take you through the lively Düsseldorf under the reign of Jan Wellem and his exciting wife Anna Maria Luisa de Medici.

Little Düsseldorf - 
Guided Tour for Kids

How did children live in the Middle Ages? Who was the fat man on the horse and which cheeky stick liked to sit on his lap? All this and lots of age-appropriate show-off information is available on my guided tour for children aged 5 and up.

The Newbie-Tour -
Düsseldorf for new arrivals

New to the city? Then come with me on a discovery tour with all the important information and insider tips on leisure, culture and culinary delights that will impress even your new local friends.



Since 2009, I have had the pleasure of presenting my adopted home to people from all corners of the world.

In 2012-2014, I organised all Düsseldorf excursions for the Australian river cruise company Scenic, which at that time had five ships on the Rhine..

I was involved in the conception of the very successful tour „Düsseldorf’s Culinary Soul“ from Düsseldorf’s tourist office (Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH)  in 2019.

  • M.A. Language Acquisition & TEFL
  • B.A. Cultural Studies
  • Certified Trainer
  • Certified Teacher for German as foreign language
  • Licensed Tour Guide (Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH)
  • Journalist for interactive television at Haus Busch, Hagen
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