to Düsseldorf!
My name is Anne and I am a

Tour Guide., German Language Teacher., Relocation Consultant.

I very much look forward to welcoming you soon.
Best wishes,


One hour or the entire day…

I know a plethora of exciting stories and places in and around Duesseldorf and own a 6th sense for what you, my guests, truly want to discover and experience.

Come with me on a trip through one of Europe’s most vibrant and divers cities and let me prove that Duesseldorf has it all:

Metropolis vibe and small town feeling, cutting-edge art and century-old traditions. Düsseldorf is fancy and shabby, Techno and Punk.

I’d love to take you around!


Moving to another city is bad enough but to another country where I don’t speak the language? What a pain…

Which areas are good? Which school do we need? How to get around? What about this complicated German welfare system and above all…

I know the place like the palm of my hand and the pitfalls German society and culture can provide to immigrants.

Let me help you getting rid of all your concerns and securely navigate your move to beautiful Düsseldorf.

"Who are these Tschörmanns?!"


They say German is one of the most difficult languages in the world.

That’s probably true if you attempt to become a grammar geek. And therefore you certainly needed another teacher than me…

My lessons are based on your interests and what you truly need to know to successfully communicate, pass the test, or enter that job or university.

Offline in my office or online via Zoom – I offer various packages for all levels and ages.

Groups of up to 10 are welcome to ask for a special price.

You never truly arrive somewhere without speaking the language.


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Anne Hahn


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